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Portrait of a group of medical practitioners wearing face masks while standing together in a hospital.

A Team of MVPs

Ever wonder what it would be like to have all the MVPs on the same team? That’s kind of what it feels like to me with my cranio-kid. All the valuable, highly regarded professionals sharing their medical opinions, processes, and preferred plans for your child. You are making mental notes, writing things down, asking everyone the same questions, documenting timelines, and making plans. Then, you take a step back and can’t remember who suggested what, which appointment is next, where to even begin, and how you became the head coach?

Here’s the good news. All you need to do is bring it back to the team. The CHKD craniofacial team will help you navigate these decisions. They will advocate with you and include other medical professionals (dentists and pediatricians) in the conversation. You do not have to remember it all. You do not have to repeatedly ask questions and try to understand every single thing.

My family lives in a different state. Any medical, dental, or early intervention services offered, I share with his team. There have been numerous conversations and collaborations to ensure we are all on the same page. All these professionals make up the MVP team for my son. They all offer specialties that are exactly what he needs. It is my job to ensure his cranio team knows what’s being offered, who is offering, and to confirm I’m on the right track. Every decision we have made for my son’s health, his cranio team has listened and supported me through it. They offered recommendations based off his history of having a cleft lip and palate, which is exactly what I needed.

So, take the pressure off, coach. You are surrounded by MVPs.

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About Craniofacial Parent Advisory Council

About Craniofacial Parent Advisory Council

CHKD's Craniofacial Parent Advisory Council consists of current and former patients and family members who have experienced care at our Cleft and Craniofacial Center. Council members provide feedback to ensure the craniofacial center consistently offers the best care possible. They also directly support other patients and families undergoing treatment. All members undergo an application process before being selected for the council.