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Benefits of Well-child Visits

By Dr. Julie Holz, Chesapeake Pediatrics

As parents we know to take our children to the doctor when they’re sick, but well-child visits are just as important. Why? Regular visits promote wellness, and help build strong partnerships between you and your child’s pediatrician and provide an opportunity to discuss developmental milestones, social behaviors and learning as well as the overall state of your child’s health.

Other benefits of the well-child visit include:

Immunizations. The easiest way to be sure your child receives all recommended immunizations is to make sure your child makes all of his or her recommended well visits.

Safety. Did you know your pediatrician can help keep your child safe at home, in the car and at school? At your next well-child visit, ask your pediatrician about safety.

Growth and development. Well-child visits are a great way to track your child’s growth and physical and cognitive development.

Communication. Come to your child’s visit with questions and topics you would like to discuss. Talk about anything from your child’s development, behavior, sleep or eating. Share as much information as you can about your child’s health and take notes if needed. If you need more information, ask for handouts or other materials to help you understand your child’s growing needs.

Teamwork. Regular visits with your child’s pediatrician create strong, trusting relationships between pediatrician, parent and child. This team approach helps build the physical, mental and social health of the child.

Keep in mind, good health not only depends on strong partnerships with those who care for your child, it is also built on family routines like healthy meals, physical activity and positive discipline.

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