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Grandparents and toddler playing with bubbles outside

First Sleep-Over

Author: Kate Hayes
Published Date: Tuesday, November 08, 2016

I hate to start another blog lamenting the passing of time – but where has the time gone? Annabel is old enough to spend the entire night away from her mommy. This past weekend, Annabel had her first overnight at Grandma and Pop-pop's house. My mother assured me that she asked for me at bedtime and when she woke up in the morning, but the truth is that she was more than happy to be doted on by her grandparents.

I found myself with mixed feelings. I am thrilled that she had a great time with my parents. While it is absolutely wonderful to know that my baby girl is secure enough to spend the night away from me, there is a voice in my head that whispers, "and so it begins."

Robert and I spent the day together, not worrying about nap or mealtime. We had full conversations that were not about Annabel, and we did not have to say, “Hold that thought,” while one of us launched after our little explorer. We even went wine tasting!

As liberating as it was to have a bit of freedom, I definitely missed my baby girl. I anticipated a night of uninterrupted sleep, but I did not sleep nearly as well as I had hoped. I logically knew that Annabel was safe and loved with my parents, but my brain is wired to listen for her. I would suddenly wake up worried before remembering she was having a sleepover with Grandma and Pop-pop.

On Sunday, we picked her up and went out to Hunt Club Farm for Robert's company picnic. This served as another reminder of how quickly time is flying by. We brought Annabel to the picnic last year when she was a couple of months old. She hardly even noticed the goats as we rolled her around the petting zoo in her stroller. This year, she was walking around and yelling kitty and doggy – her name for all animals. Everyone commented on how much she had grown.

All in all, it was a great weekend for the Hayes family, even if I cannot believe Annabel is old enough for any of it. 

    About Kate Hayes

    About Kate  Hayes Kate Hayes lives in Virginia Beach, VA and is a first time parent to Annabel – born on July 22, 2015. Kate is a yoga and aerial fitness instructor. She especially enjoys teaching on the beach, and is certified in laughing yoga, and prenatal yoga. Kate and her husband, Robert, enjoy spending time with their daughter and their two dogs.