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Young student watching lesson online and studying from home.

Home Desk Tips for Improved Posture

With fall quickly approaching, it is time to prep for the school year. Between technological advancements and increased virtual schooling during the pandemic, many kids are spending several hours sitting in front of a tablet or computer. Here are some ways to ensure your child’s home setup promotes good posture for a better and healthier experience:

  1. Computer height: The computer should be eye level and about an arm’s length from your child’s body. This may mean pushing the screen back to make sure the chair is close enough to the desk or table to encourage having their back in a relaxed, supported position against the backrest to discourage slumping forward.
  2. Seat height: Seats should be raised to allow the computer or tablet screen to be at eye level. If the seat is still too low, placing a book and pillow underneath may be helpful.
  3. Armrests: Arms should rest on the armrests or desk with elbows bent to about 90 degrees. If the armrests are not adjustable or are not tall enough for smaller children, covering the armrest using pool noodles or pipe insulation from the hardware store may be a comfortable way to keep the elbows supported.
  4. Back support: Use a small rolled up towel placed along the natural curve of the low back between your child and the backrest of the chair to help promote good upright posture and prevent slumping, which can lead to neck and shoulder problems.
  5. Feet supported: Your child’s thighs should be parallel to the floor. Children’s feet are often off the floor due to their anatomy or from needing to be higher in the seat for proper eye and computer alignment. A footstool or box may be placed under their feet so their legs are supported.

If your child is experiencing any pain while sitting during schoolwork or you have concerns about your child’s posture, please call 757-668-PLAY (7529). Visit CHKD’s physical therapy webpage to schedule an appointment with our sports medicine specialists.

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