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Mom visiting her NICU baby in an isolette

What Can I Do To Help My NICU Baby?

Mothers of babies in the neonatal intensive care unit are often caught off guard by the turn of events. There are some specific things they can do to better involve themselves with the ongoing care of their child, though:

Attend Rounds

You are a vital part of your baby’s team. Attend rounds (the meetings of providers to assess and determine courses of action) to stay informed and help make decisions about your baby’s care.

Get Involved

Ask your baby’s nurse what you can do to care for your baby. Nurses may suggest changing diapers, giving baths, doing oral care, or doing kangaroo care.

Spend Time with Your Baby

Even if you aren’t able to hold your baby, he still wants to spend time with you. Read stories, sing lullabies, or spend quiet time together.

Take Care of Yourself

Get some sleep, take a shower, and don’t feel bad about taking some time for you. NICU life is stressful and tiring. Be sure to take care of yourself, too.

About Team NICU 101

About Team  NICU 101 CHKD is home to the region’s largest and most sophisticated neonatal intensive care unit, certified by the state as a subspecialty nursery. We provide intensive care for high-risk, critically-ill neonates and care for approximately 500 babies a year.

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