You are expected to arrive to class each day by the scheduled time. Allot appropriate time for traffic and parking. In most cases, classrooms will be accessible 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time. You may be required to make up program content missed due to tardiness.


Class facilitators strive to create interactive environments. Your input and active participation is essential in meeting that end. Share comments with the group rather than limiting conversations to those around you. Classes usually consist of participants in varied roles with varied experiences. This breadth and wealth of knowledge contributes to course content.


Come to class awake, alert and ready to participate. A good night’s rest is required, so please avoid working the night before a program. The program facilitator/instructor will address attentiveness issues individually when noted. You may be required to make up any program content missed due to inattentiveness during the session.

Cell phone usage is prohibited in the classroom setting except during breaks. You are asked to please take all phone calls in a private area outside of the classroom and refrain from texting when there is a speaker presenting.

Program Facilitator

A program facilitator will be available each day to coordinate the room arrangements and program schedule. Please notify the facilitator if you are going to be absent from class for any reason or anticipate arriving to class tardy.