The journey through the preteen, teen and young adult years is filled with both physical and emotional changes and challenges. The Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Clinic at CHKD is a specialty center for teens and young adults ages 12-21. Our providers are trained to help adolescents work through the unique challenges they may face in preparation for becoming an adult. Our providers work closely with parents and primary care physicians to help navigate these formative years.

Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

Our team of nurses and our adolescent specialist are expert in caring for teens. We work closely with parents, other specialists, and social workers to provide individualized patient care.

Gynecological Services

  • Birth control including emergency contraception and nexplanon
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Hormonal conditions (i.e. PCOS)

Medical Services

  • Acne and other common skin conditions
  • Sexuality and gender-related care
  • Common male genitourinary concerns
  • Drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention counseling

Tests and Procedures 

  • Anxiety and depression screening
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (including HIV)
  • Post-exposure and pre-exposure prophylaxis initiation and management

Patient Information

A patient can come to their appointment alone or with parents. When possible, we respect the wishes to keep one's care private. But we also believe it's important to include trusted guardians or adults when making important decisions. We can help patients find ways to talk to adults about difficult choices. Under Virginia law, as a teenager a patient can consent to receive care without an adult for issues related to:

  • Mental health
  • Substance abuse
  • Birth control
  • Pregnancy
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (including HIV)

For all other care, including gender-related care, parents or guardians must give consent. For those who want to know more about confidentiality and/or costs, ask our staff.