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Hospital Medicine

Hospital Medicine

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Pediatric hospitalists are physicians specially trained to treat sick children admitted to Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters.

If your child needs to be admitted, we work closely with the primary care physician to coordinate the admission, provide necessary medical care for your child, consult with specialists if needed and have reports available when your child is ready to be discharged.

When it comes to your child, we are partners with the primary care physician.

A Team Approach Around the Clock

We focus on care that allows parents to be involved in transparent decision-making. And we are available around the clock either in person or by telephone to provide continuity of care during your child’s hospital stay.

While your child is in the hospital, we will make rounds daily before noon to see all patients. Our goal is to provide quality medical care that is safe and efficient. We will also address any long-term needs for the patient and family.

Our rounds are family-centered, so parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to be involved with discussions about your child.

Our physicians work closely with each other, and our team includes the attending hospitalist, residents, medical students and other interdisciplinary staff that may be involved with your child's care.

 Once your child is admitted to CHKD under the pediatric hospitalist service, you likely will not see your regular pediatrician. But rest assured that we have be collaboration of care upon admission and discharge, and pediatricians are welcome to come by the hospital and consult with the attending hospitalist.

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