Services We Offer

  • CHKD operates the region's only non-military Neonatal Intensive Care Unit certified by the state as a subspecialty nursery. This means the NICU at CHKD is the only one in the region that meets the stringent requirements to provide intensive care for high-risk critically ill neonates. The neonatologists also provide continuous coverage and the high-risk delivery services at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.
  • Lactation support is available to hospitalized infants and children, mothers, and families, providing the optimal breastfeeding experience through support and education.
  • A Neonatal Follow-Up Program, under the direction of the neonatologists, is also available at CHKD and satellite locations.
  • Using CHKD's specially equipped mobile intensive care units, two highly skilled transport teams are available 24 hours a day to transport infants from referring institutions to CHKD. If necessary, the Nightingale helicopter and air ambulance services are also available.

    Our Staff

    The physicians are all board-certified in both pediatrics and neonatal-perinatal medicine. The NICU staff also comprises a team of specially trained neonatal nurses and nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, radiologists, transport specialists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, child life specialists, educators and social workers. Also, CHKD is the only NICU in the region that meets Virginia's staffing requirement of having physicians in 21 different pediatric subspecialties. As a result, the hospital is recognized throughout the region as the premier provider of care for high-risk newborns.

    Referral and Transport Information

    Referrals to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit may be made physicians and staff at birth hospitals by calling (757) 668-7448, or Doctors Direct at (757) 668-9999 or 1-800-207-2022. Non-urgent calls during regular hours can be made to (757) 668-7456.

    Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic

    CHKD's Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic provides assessments of infants at high risk for developmental delays based on diagnosis or complications during perinatal or neonatal life. To learn more about this program, please visit the Neonatal Follow-Up Program page

    Neonatal/Perinatal Outreach center

    Designated by the Commonwealth of Virginia as the Regional Perinatal Center for eastern Virginia, CHKD's Neonatal/Perinatal Outreach Center (NPOC) is responsible for providing and coordinating a wide variety of services and programs for professionals who deliver neonatal and perinatal health care. 

    The center serves as the regional leader in seeking ways to improve the quality of health care in eastern Virginia for patients, families, and communities. 

    Working closely with the hospital's neonatologists, the NPOC staff coordinates and provides a variety of important services for area hospitals and professionals, including:  

    • Collection and distribution of neonatal transport patient data 
    • Maternal Neonatal Transport Case Reviews 
    • Education 
    • Research  

    All newborns who are transported to CHKD's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) are followed by the staff of the Neonatal Perinatal Outreach Center. Ongoing communication regarding the infant's condition throughout the NICU course is provided to the referring physicians and hospitals. Quarterly reviews of transported infants are held at individual regional referral hospitals. 

    Maternal Newborn Transport Reviews of transported infants are held at individual regional referral hospitals. For more information please contact Peighton Terrill, BSN, RN Neonatal Perinatal Outreach Program Manager at (757) 668-9140 or send an e-mail to