Heather Wooden, RD - Registered Dietitian at CHKD

“I had the privilege of growing with the dietitian team over the years and became a dietitian in the NICU at CHKD in 2023. I am thrilled to start my career as a dietitian under the guidance of the experienced dietitians here at CHKD and to be working with such a special population.”

Heather Wooden, RD

(757) 668-8688

College: Kansas State University


    Heather earned dual bachelor’s degrees at Kansas State University in human nutrition and dietetics.

    She is a newly registered dietitian and the newest addition to the clinical dietetic team in the NICU at CHKD. Heather assists her team by providing nutritional support to growing infants with a variety of highly specific nutritional needs. The multidisciplinary team at CHKD has been supportive of her growth and professional development.  There is nowhere she would rather be continuing her career.