Lindsey Sailors, RD - Nutrition Services at CHKD

“Being new here in town, I am ecstatic to have landed in such a rewarding place, alongside such talent. I couldn’t think of a better place at this point of my career to expand on my nutrition knowledge.”

Lindsey Sailors, MS, RD

(757) 668-8688

College and Graduate School: University of Tennessee at Martin


    Lindsey is a registered dietitian at CHKD, helping children with a variety of nutritional concerns including weight management, failure to thrive (FTT), disordered eating, picky eating, and other general diagnoses.

    Previously a critical care dietitian in Memphis, TN, Lindsey is excited to be a part of the first steps versus the latter, in such a crucial time period of development. She is eager for both new challenges and growth at this point of her career, and is excited to be a small piece of the puzzle to help offer guidance and bring comfort to children and families through nutrition. Most importantly, she simply loves food and eating, and strives to pair that with balancing lifestyle choices for good health.

    In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys outdoor adventures with her dog, traveling to new places, and spending any time with family and friends.