CHKD Medical Group is an organization of 19 pediatric practices spread across 27 locations throughout the region. Our practices offer primary care to children from birth to age 21.

Our Practices

On the Peninsula

On the Southside

In North Carolina

Members of CHKD Health System

As members of CHKD Health System, our pediatricians work closely with CHKD’s full range of pediatric specialists and surgeons. They also share our commitment to quality, excellence and child-centered care.

Because they operate under the CHKD umbrella, our practices share many procedures and policies, but each has its own distinct personality. For this reason, we encourage parents-to-be and newcomers to the area to visit our practices and meet our physicians and office staff members to find what group they're most comfortable with.

Nothing is more important to you –and to us – than your child. We look forward to meeting you.

Translation Services

Our pediatric practices offer translation services to patients and families who are hearing impaired or have limited proficiency in the English language. These services may include third-party interpretation or multilingual staff.