CHKD Early Childhood Consultation (CHECC)

CHKD's Early Childhood Consultation (CHECC) is a pilot program that provides guidance to a limited number of pediatric primary care providers within Children’s Medical Group (CMG) to promote mental health in children birth to six years.

Who We Are:

We are pediatric mental health providers (child psychiatry and psychology) within CHKD’s Department of Psychiatry and Psychology.

What We Do:

We provide grant-funded consultation to pediatric primary care clinicians within select pediatric primary care practices, helping to build their capacity to identify risk factors early, promote family well-being, and understand and respond to mental health issues in children birth to six years.

How it Works:

Clinical consultation about patient mental health and behavioral concerns may be offered on-site or by phone, email, or telehealth in select pediatric primary care practices.

We provide brief, topic-focused trainings for primary care providers, clinical and resource information for providers and families, in-person consultations during patient visits, and pre-scheduled telehealth consultations.


CHECC is a partner program with Tulane Early Childhood Collaborative (TECC). Additional resources are available here.

Current Funding Partner: Hampton Roads Community Foundation Cooke Fund