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Bleeding Disorders in Children

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There are many different kinds of bleeding disorders that range from mild to severe. The two most common types of bleeding disorders are hemophilia and von Willebrand disease. Here, you'll learn more about bleeding disorders in children and how CHKD's blood disorders center can help.

About Bleeding Disorders in Children

Bleeding disorders involve the blood clotting process. There are many different kinds of bleeding disorders. Normal blood clotting (coagulation) involves as many as 20 different plasma proteins, also called clotting factors. If the clotting system is unbalanced, a patient may either bleed or clot too easily depending on where the problem occurs.

Clotting disorders are at the other end of the spectrum and can result in a variety of problems depending on which blood vessel clots.

Treatment depends on the type of disorder. It may include factor replacement, transfusion or other therapies.We offer thrombosis evaluation and treatment, and comprehensive bone marrow failure evaluations.

CHKD's Blood Disorders Center Offers Comprehensive Care

The blood disorders center specializes in the treatment of all types of blood issues, including anemia, thalassemia, bone marrow failure, sickle cell disease and immune disorders. In addition, CHKD has a specialized bleeding and clotting disorders program which focuses on children with coagulation disorders.

Our team of dedicated and highly trained staff works closely with patients and families to ensure that all children with blood disorders have the opportunity to live active and productive lives. It’s important to work closely with your hematologist and medical support team.

Children undergoing treatment for a blood disorder at CHKD have access to a dedicated bleeding and clotting disorders nurse, a social worker dedicated solely to the bleeding and clotting disorders program, as well as an educational consultant, a physical therapist and a nutritionist. 

Sickle Cell Program

Children with sickle cell disease are at an increased risk of health complications making early detection and treatment very important. Research has shown that children cared for in a comprehensive sickle cell center have fewer complications and a better quality of life. 

CHKD is home to a comprehensive sickle cell program. Staffed by pediatric hematology physicians (doctors who treat blood disorders), nurse practitioners, trained nurse coordinators, social workers, an educational specialist, and a nutritionist, this multidisciplinary team will deliver highly specialized care to your child. 

    Learn more about sickle cell disease and our sickle cell program.

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