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Strong Girls: ACL injury prevention for girls

Young female athletes – particularly soccer, volleyball and basketball players – are more likely to injure the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee than males in the same sports and at the same level of play. ACL injuries in girls primarily occur in non-contact situations when the athlete stops, turns or lands from a jump in an awkward position or with poor balance and control.

CHKD’s Strong Girls program helps to prevent these injuries while increasing performance on the field or court. Our sports medicine staff and performance coaches will teach a progressive plyometric jump program, key strengthening exercises, balance and core control, stretching, and speed and agility drills specific to the athlete’s sport. Girls will learn safe techniques while becoming stronger and more powerful.

Strong Girls Clinic
Introduction of the ACL, discussion about common risk factors for injury and a demonstration of correct jumping, landing and deceleration techniques.  Participants will receive handouts with strengthening exercises and a summary of injury prevention strategies. 

Strong Girls Comprehensive Class
This comprehensive small group or individual training program will give athletes the skills they need to decrease their risk of tearing an ACL while learning movement efficiency to increase their performance on the field or court.

Strong Girls Team-Site, Program I
This two-day series will provide coaches, parents and athletes with knee anatomy and mechanics of safe jumping, landing and cutting techniques. On the second day, staff will introduce a plyometric jump program and active demonstration of various agility drills to increase performance and reinforce safe mechanics. Team will provide location for this clinic.

Strong Girls Team-Site, Program II
This program includes one hour of instruction per week designed to reduce the likelihood of an ACL tear and performance coaching to take the athlete’s game to the next level. The team coach will receive instructions for an additional 25-minute session to be performed each week. Progress will be assessed using the Dartfish program to analyze a 10-second tuck jump at the beginning and end of the six-week program. Each athlete will receive individual results with recommendations for continued performance training. Team will provide location for this clinic.

For more information, contact Julius Delbridge at (757) 668-6654 or by email to Julius.Delbridge@chkd.orgClick here to see a schedule of upcoming classes.

Return-to-Sports Evaluation

After an injury, parents often ask, “Is my child read to return to competition?” It's an important question and one we take very seriously. If a young athlete returns too soon, they are susceptible to re-injury or even a new injury. Our physical therapists use various functional assessment tools to determine whether an athlete is ready to return to sports. These tests will give you and your child peace of mind.

For this service to be covered by insurance, a physician's prescription is required. We offer this service at all sports medicine physical therapy locations. Call (757) 668-7529 (PLAY) for an appointment.

Sideline Sensibility

This injury prevention seminar is offered to coaches and parents at no cost. CHKD Sports Medicine experts provide training on how best to keep young athletes safe and in the game. Basic injury prevention information and protocols for returning to play after an injury are covered. To schedule a training, email or call (757) 668-7402.

Coaches’ Clinic Series

The Sports Performance Academy coaches clinic series provides coaches of competitive sports clubs, high school, middle school, and recreation programs an opportunity to learn how to train their athletes to excel in sports.