• Inpatient services
  • Ambulatory care services
  • Drug information
  • Pharmacokinetic services
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring
  • Patient and caregiver education
  • Medication error and adverse drug reaction monitoring
  • Investigational drug research

Staff Training

CHKD's pharmacists are licensed professionals with at least five years of highly specialized pharmacy education. They often have completed doctoral degrees in pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and post-graduate residency programs to make them medication-use experts. Their responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating new medications to recommend those that are safest and most effective for individual patients.
  • Advising physicians and other health care personnel on medication selection and administration.
  • Counseling patients or their caregivers on correct medication use.
  • Providing crucial quality checks to detect and prevent harmful drug interactions or reactions and potential mistakes.
  • Compounding aseptic, intravenous medications and special oral formulations.
  • Supervising the dispensing and distribution of medications.
  • Obtaining and maintaining supplies of medications that meet quality standards.
  • Our well-qualified, appropriately supervised pharmacy technicians support our practice model of pharmaceutical care and have achieved recognition through national certification. We provide our staff continuing education on new drug therapies and innovative technologies.

To reach CHKD's pharmacy, call (757) 668-7163.