To emphasize our health system's ongoing journey towards providing the best possible outcomes and patient/family experience and to support our mission, "Health, Healing, and Hope for All Children" we formally recognize March as Safety Awareness Month.

Everyone is essential to CHKD's quality improvement and safety journey. We have seen many instances where innovative ideas from our frontline teams have improved processes. Over the next year, we will work to build on that collaboration by continuing to incorporate you, our patients, and their families in our continued efforts to improve safety and the patient experience.  

All CHKDHS team members, both clinical and non-clinical, are central to our efforts to achieve these goals. Thank you for making safety and quality improvement a daily priority at CHKD.

Below you will find a list of planned events for the month of March. In addition to these events, test your safety knowledge by taking our safety quiz each week for your chance to win a prize. 

Safety Quiz - Week 3 - Culture of Safety

To take the quiz, open the link below in Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. 

Employees - Safety Carnival - Take Our Safety Quiz

Weekly Topics

  • Error Prevention Tools (EPT) 
  • Culture of Safety 
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Watchers

Grand Rounds

3/23/2023: Grand Rounds: Guest Speaker Carol Hemmelgarn, "Transparency after Medical Harm and the Impact on Intergenerational Trauma"