CHKD's Scoliosis and Spine Program provides care for patients from birth to 21, treating children and adolescents diagnosed with scoliosis and other spinal defects while providing optimal care and outcomes for our patients.

Why Choose CHKD's Scoliosis and Spine Program?

At CHKD we provide a comprehensive team approach when caring for your child and have a dedicated team of physicians, hospital and clinic staff to provide your child with the best care available.

For our patients that will need a spinal fusion, we have established plans of care that prevent infections, decrease blood loss, and improve the post-operative experience with less post-operative pain and quicker return to regular activity.

We also have a registered nurse dedicated to guiding our families throughout the surgical process.

Prior to a patient having their surgery they will be enrolled in a preoperative spinal fusion class.

Conditions We Treat

  •  Spondylothesis (slipped vertebrae)
  •  Trauma

The Scoliosis and Spine Program has also developed a Patient Family Advisory Council, which we work closely with to improve our patient and family experience. PFAC has several projects to work on to provide the best care for our patients and their families. If you would like more information on becoming a part of the PFAC, please email us at