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CHKD's “Adopt a Buddy” program offers sponsorships of one or more of the 60 certified pet therapy dogs of the CHKD Buddy Brigade. Pet therapy dogs and their owners/handlers visit patients at CHKD to bring smiles and comfort families during what can be a stressful time. Each dog in the program has its own trading card, which features a photo and fun facts about the dog. Patients enjoy collecting the different trading cards.

Sponsor a dog through the “Adopt a Buddy” program today with a donation to CHKD of just $75 per dog or sponsor the whole featured group for a donation of $500.

Thank you for supporting this special program for our patients. Check back periodically for new dog sponsorship opportunities as the dogs change regularly. Here are our current Buddy Brigade dogs available for “adoption”. Dog photos courtesy of R. Gregory Photography. Click on a dog’s picture below to learn more and to make a gift by “adopting” him.


(757) 668-7070