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Join The Morning Point's Mike and Woo Woo for the 17th annual Radiothon to benefit CHKD, November 7–9. Hear amazing patient stories and be inspired as Mike and Woo Woo broadcast live from the lobby at CHKD to raise money for our kids. Call (757) 668-9000 to pledge your support –  phone banks will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Meet our kids below. 

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"Every nurse at CHKD, every doctor at CHKD is doing it because it's something they love to do." - Christina, David's Mom


"From day one of getting the diagnosis of hearing loss and being profoundly deaf, we had all the resources we would need community-wise and medical-wise from CHKD." - Christy, Charlotte's mom


“Not only in our community, but in our world, mental health is such a huge need. Addressing mental health at a young age is definitely an important thing. I’m so excited about the new facility because they’re taking everything that’s so awesome about CHKD and they are adding on this really needed resource.” – Grayson Moore


“Every time we see CHKD, it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s because of you that I have her. You helped me and my family go through the most traumatic experience ever and made it normal and feel like it’s a family.’” – Jennifer, Olivia’s mom 


“From his pediatrician to his medical geneticist, we know that everyone at CHKD is dedicated to doing what’s best for Jack. We are so thankful that CHKD is here for our family.” – Christina, Jack’s mom


"I love being at CHKD and being surrounded by people that love me. The whole hospital is there for me." - Tymiere


"My Daughter's anxiety had gotten so bad that I didn't know what to do. CHKD helped us find the right tools to manage her anxiety and I know I can call anytime I need." - Genie, Karen's mom


"The nurses and doctors treated Conrad like the young adult he is. Being 14, the staff at CHKD sensed his maturity and never spoke down to him. They included him in decisions and asked him questions directly. They treated him with a lot of respect." - Amy, Conrad's mom

(757) 668-9000

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