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Fundraising Guide

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There are a number of unique programs that make CHKD such a special place, that would not be possible without philanthropy.

Event Planning Guide

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event to benefit CHKD. From businesses to community organizations to individuals, anyone can host a fundraiser that will make a difference in the lives of our children. With the support of friends like you, CHKD is able to offer our patients the care, attention and healing they deserve. There are a number of unique programs that make our hospital such a special place, that would not be possible without philanthropy. We look forward to working with you!

Event Planning Process: Where do I begin?

Prior beginning work on a fundraiser to benefit CHKD, your event must go through an approval process. Please note that events may not be advertised as supporting the hospital until this process has been complete. CHKD never endorses any door-to-door solicitations or sales to benefit the hospital. 

  1. Contact the hospital’s development department by email or by phone at (757) 668-7070.
  2. Complete the community fundraising form and return it to the hospital via email or fax. It will be reviewed for consideration and approved or denied. The more information you are able to provide on the form, the quicker the review process will be. 

CHKD Guidelines 

  1. The use of CHKD’s name and/or logo for publicity and fundraising purposes by community groups and individuals is allowed by written permission through the development department.
  2. Children’s Hospital must only be named as the beneficiary of the event, not as the host. For example, you should call your event “Golf Tournament to benefit Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters” rather than “Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters Golf Tournament."
  3. It shall be the primary goal of all proposed event intended as “fundraisers” to raise money for CHKD. All promotional materials should clearly state the percentage of proceeds and/or the portion of the ticket price that will benefit CHKD.
  4. All copy for advertisements, point of purchase materials and other event-related promotional materials used by a sponsoring organization will be approved by the development office at CHKD prior to use.
  5. If you plan to solicit sponsorship support for your event, please discuss it with your hospital contact.
  6. No costs associated with special events that are sponsored by a community group will be incurred by CHKD.
  7. Event hosts may not keep any portion of the proceeds for profit or compensation for putting on the event.
  8. Recognition for the sponsoring group’s donation to CHKD will be in accordance with the established Donor Recognition Policy.
  9. Proceeds must be presented to CHKD within 30 days after the event, unless otherwise agreed to prior to the event. All monetary transactions for the special event will be handled by the sponsoring group.
  10. All staffing and volunteers for the special event will be provided by and will be the responsibility of the sponsoring group unless otherwise agreed to prior to the event.
  11. All aspects of approved events must be reflective of CHKD’s reputation as a family-centered institution.
  12. All communication with the hospital regarding your event must be done through your contact in the hospital's development department. 

What support does CHKD provide?

Here’s what we are able to do to support you as you plan your fundraiser: 

  • Provide event planning guidance and expertise
  • Promote the event on the CHKD website
  • Provide CHKD publicity materials such as stickers, banners and brochures
  • Issue IRS-compliant receipts to donors as appropriate.
  • Provide formal acknowledgement of a contribution to donors who make their check payable to CHKD
  • Provide a copy of the CHKD logo
  • Write a letter showing our support of your event 

Unless otherwise agreed to prior to the event’s approval, CHKD is not able to secure sponsorship or funding support, provide volunteers, obtain press coverage, provide reimbursements for expenses, secure celebrities to attend your event, distribute promotional material in the hospital, offer a mailing list of donors, or guarantee attendance of CHKD personnel at your event.

Steps to a successful CHKD fundraising event 

  • Choose something that interests you, then create an event around it. Almost any interest or hobby can be turned into a fundraiser! The more you enjoy what you are working on, the better the event will be all around.
  • Contact CHKD to get the approval process started. Email us, or call (757) 668-7070, and we’ll provide you with your special events proposal form. Once the event has been approved, continue planning.
  • Assemble a planning committee. Whether this is friends, family or co-workers – or all three!- you’ll want to get together a group of people you know you can depend on to get the job done. The more support you have, the more successful you will be.
  • Plan your budget and establish an achievable fundraising goal. This is especially important in an event’s first year. Whether you are planning to raise $500 or $20,000, you want to make sure that you have the plans in place to realistically reach your goal.
  • Schedule your event. Choose a date, location, and time to hold your fundraiser. Be sure to schedule around any major holidays or school vacations, and give yourself as much time as you’ll need to make the event a success.
  • Promote your event. Put a plan together for getting the word out about your fundraiser. Even if you don’t have a large budget for this, there are many ways to publicize what you’re doing. Of course newspaper, tv and radio advertising come to mind, but don’t forget about church or synagogue bulletins, posting flyers in the community, listing the event on online bulletin boards and event calendars, email marketing, and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Hold the event and have fun with it! Once all funds are collected, contact the hospital to coordinate next steps, particularly if you would like to do an official check presentation.
  • Thank your supporters. From your committee members to your sponsors to your event attendees, make sure everyone knows how much you appreciate their support! Be sure to spread the word about how much you raised.
(757) 668-7070

Important Information About CHKD Fundraising

CHKD never engages in door-to-door fundraising, nor do we benefit from any door-to-door magazine or book sales. If you are approached in this manner, please keep this in mind. Also, CHKD has no program that involves saving bottle caps or pull tabs from aluminum cans to provide medical care to sick children.

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