NORFOLK, Va. - CHKD is proud to bring the latest in imaging technology, the EOS imaging system, to Southeastern Virginia. EOS is a groundbreaking X-ray system that uses an ultra-low dose of radiation to provide detailed, high-quality skeletal images. Based on Nobel prize-winning technology in the field of particle detection, the EOS substantially reduces the amount of radiation received during a single imaging procedure.

The EOS imaging system has the unique ability to provide a three-dimensional, full-body image of a patient in a natural standing position with a single scan. This weight-bearing image allows for better evaluation of balance and posture and for analysis of bones, joints and ligaments from multiple angles – all essential elements to the diagnosis and treatment planning in many musculoskeletal conditions.

EOS imaging is primarily used to assess patients with spine, hip and leg disorders, such as scoliosis and leg-length discrepancies. Traditional X-rays are still the standard of care for injuries or conditions that can be evaluated with general radiography, such as broken bones and sports injuries.

“The low radiation and reduced number of scans is especially important for children with conditions such as scoliosis and other spinal deformities, who require frequent X-rays over many years,” says Dr. Sheldon St. Clair, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at CHKD and orthopedic director of the CHKD spine program.

CHKD is currently offering EOS imaging at two locations in Hampton Roads, the CHKD Health Center at Oakbrooke in Chesapeake, and the CHKD Health and Surgery Center at Oyster Point in Newport News.

“We’re excited to bring the benefits of this state-of-the-art technology to families in our region,” says Dr. St. Clair. “Previously, the closest facility offering EOS imaging was more than 150 miles away.”