The average DRG shown is for informational purposes only and is an average of total charges of prior patients whose DRG was the same as of January 1, 2019. CHKD does not charge by DRG. Patient charges will vary depending on actual services provided.

Average DRG

Your financial responsibility for any of the charges listed here will depend upon the specifics of your insurance coverage (deductible, coinsurance, co-pays, etc.). Also, please be aware that it is normal to receive more than one bill for a single visit to the hospital. For instance, if your child has a diagnostic test, you will receive a bill from the hospital for performing the test and a bill from the physician (such as a radiologist or cardiologist) for interpreting the test results.

A visit to the emergency room will also result in two or more bills: one from the hospital for the emergency room services and supplies and one from the emergency room physician for overseeing your child’s care. These are just two of many examples. Our patient financial services representatives are always available to help you understand your bills.

If you would like a personal estimate for hospital services your physician has ordered, please have your physician submit by fax a completed “request for estimate form” to Patient Financial Services at (757) 668-8854. If your physician does not have the estimate request form, please have their staff call (757) 668-7021 and we will be happy to provide the document to them.