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7 Tips for De-stressing the Holidays

Author: CHKD Medical Group
Published Date: Friday, December 16, 2016

By Dr. Brian Tyler, Courthouse Pediatrics

The holiday rush is on. Days and nights filled with shopping, visits with friends and special holiday events not only leave parents exhausted, but kids, too. All of these extra activities can certainly add stress to our lives. We accept them to make the holidays special for our families.

To make the holidays a special time for everyone, consider these tips:

Maintain your regular routine. This is especially helpful at bedtime and mealtimes, even if you’re at someone else’s home. Children find the structure of daily rituals comforting.

Schedule quiet time. Plan to turn your television off for an hour at the end of every day. Use this time to talk to your child about your day, or the holiday traditions you grew up with.

Get outside and play. (Weather permitting, of course!) Schedule at least a half-hour of outdoor exercise every day for you and your child. It could be as simple as a detour to the playground during your errands.

Get organized. Make a daily list of chores. Pack an emergency kit for the car with snacks, fruit, juice boxes, diapers and a clean change of clothes for each child. Try to consolidate errands, kitchen chores and activities.

Remember yourself. Find a few minutes for yourself every day. Exercise, read, listen to music or daydream. Maintaining your own equilibrium is an important step toward a happy, healthy holiday season.

Stagger special activities. Limit the number of special events in the day, so that your children will appreciate each activity to its fullest.

Quality time together. Your attention is the most precious gift you can give your child at any time of year. During this busy month, find a few minutes every day to turn your full attention to your child. Share a cup of cocoa, a cookie, or even just a hug. Children can withstand almost any amount of stress and excitement when they know that they are loved.

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