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Mom in a military uniform kissing her baby

Breastfeeding Tips for Military Moms

Author: Natasha Sriraman, MD
Published Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Military moms must eventually return to active duty following maternity leave. With so many military moms in the region, it helps all involved to know the ins and outs of returning from leave.

Each branch of the military has policies in place for those wanting to express breast milk upon returning to duty. And TRICARE has covered breastfeeding supplies and breastfeeding support since December of 2014.

For more ways to ease back into duty after childbirth, read my AAP News entry.


About Natasha Sriraman, MD

Dr. Natasha Sriraman is highly active in the teaching of breastfeeding and treating postpartum depression, both locally and nationally. She is fluent in Spanish and Hindi and cherishes her work taking care of kids, moms and families. Away from the office she is a voracious reader, an active runner and tries her hand at yoga and kickboxing.