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Two children watching fireworks over water

Children and Fireworks: A Dangerous Combination

Author: CHKD Medical Group
Published Date: Thursday, June 22, 2017

By Dr. Paul Whiteside, Chesapeake Pediatrics

Fourth of July is quickly approaching and many families are busily preparing for the festivities; however, keep in mind that children and home fireworks can be a dangerous combination.

The AAP recommends that families attend public displays of fireworks, rather than hosting their own. Forty percent of all fireworks-related injuries are to children under age 15. Injuries from fireworks can last a lifetime and can result in severe burns, scars and disfigurement. Bottle rockets, firecrackers and sparklers are mostly to blame.

Follow these and other safety precautions to ensure your holiday is a blast:

  • Never allow a child to play with or ignite fireworks
  • Closely supervise children around fireworks at all times
  • Stand several feet away from where fireworks are being lit
  • Never allow your child to pick up pieces of fireworks after an event. Some may still be ignited and can explode.
  • Many parents believe that sparklers are safe, but they are actually the cause of about 10 percent of all fireworks-related injuries. Sparklers can burn hot enough to cause third degree burns and should never be handled by children. Consider using glow sticks as a safe, child-friendly alternative.

    If your child is injured by fireworks, seek immediate medical attention. If an eye injury occurs, do not allow your child to touch or rub the eye as this may cause further damage.

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