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School group on a field trip in downtown Hampton, Virginia

Field Trips: Just as Awesome as I Remember

I had the great pleasure of attending a field trip in downtown Hampton with my daughter’s pre-K class last week. It was a full day: the main library, a trip to the carousel and a picnic lunch outside, followed by a walk around downtown and ending with a special treat at a doughnut shop. Jessica Woolwine and her daughter Abby

This is the first field trip I’ve been on. Jackson has never wanted me to go. He is adamant that I do not encroach upon his life at school. I think he’s afraid of the dreaded mom embarrassment. I tell him that I’m pretty cool. I may not be able to “juju on that beat,” but I know what it is. And, I own jeans with rips in them. Bought them that way. Because I’m cool.

My pitch falls on his pre-teen ears, so field trips with Jackson are a strict No-Mom Zone.

But Abby! She was thrilled to have me tag along.

A handful of other pre-K classes joined us. It was fascinating to see each child delight in this adventure. In the back room at the library, sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the carpet, I found myself just as excited as the four- and five-year-olds.

In between each book, the librarian would sing a song or have the kids stretch and wiggle. One time – I kid you not– the librarian picked up a jack-in-the-box, placed it on the table beside her and encouraged the kids (big and small) to be quiet.

What’s she going to do with that thing? I felt like whispering to the kid sitting beside me. This seems kind of silly.

Slowly she started turning the arm. You know that song … building suspense. All eyes in the room, adults included, were fixated on that box. We were mesmerized by something we’ve all seen before.

How is this working? I remember thinking, looking around. She’s captured a whole room! I felt absolutely ridiculous, in a good way, when that wicked thing jumped out, and I screamed just like the children!

Kids. They’re the best. They believe in the magic and wonder of everyday things. It’s contagious. I got so caught up in the excitement that I bought two-dozen day-old doughnuts at our last stop.

Adults in specialty doughnut shops are like kids in a candy store.

If you ever get the chance, take the day off, and go on a field trip with your child. It was like a little bit of pixie dust got sprinkled on me during that beautiful day, learning things I already knew, spinning around on the carousel and sipping on a juice box in the shade of a tree.

Thanks for the reminder kids.

About Jessica Woolwine

About Jessica   Woolwine Jessica Woolwine is a native of Hampton Roads and lives in Hampton with her three “miracles” Jackson (9), Abby (5) and Henry (1). As a mother to a childhood cancer survivor and a micro-preemie, she began the blog Mothering Miracles in 2014 to support other families dealing with health issues. Jessica also works as Creative Director for Rubin Communications Group and enjoys mixing her talents for graphic design and creative writing with community relations. She is a past member of both the CHKD Family Advisory Council and the CHKD NICU Family Advisory Council.