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Child doing homework with adult nearby

Healthy Homework Habits

By Dr. Peter Grosso, Nansemond Pediatrics

Helping your child establish healthy homework habits now not only readies them for school, it also helps them establish beneficial lifelong habits like organizational skills, how to follow directions, and how to manage and budget their time.

Help your child get the most out of homework assignments with these tips:

Choose your work space. Designate a quiet, well-lit space where your children can do homework without distraction.

Make sure your child has all the supplies they need, like paper, pencils, and note cards.

Make sure your child takes occasional brief study breaks. Consider setting up a visual timer so they know when to take a short break.

Pick a time of day that works best for your child. Some children will want to do their homework as soon as they get home; others may want to take a break and do it later.

Set rewards for completing homework, such as privileges earned (ex.TV or computer time), choice of video to watch or game to play.

Offer your help when needed, but don’t do your child’s homework for them.

Keep in touch with your child’s teacher and pinpoint problem areas that you can help with at home.

And don’t forget, while it’s important for your child to develop good study habits, exercise and a healthy diet are also important to a child’s social, emotional, and physical well-being. Research has linked exercise to a child’s cognitive development and success in school. Help your child find activities they enjoy that will get them up and moving, like riding a bike or playing tag with friends.

Have a great school year! Do you have any other homework tips that work for you and your child? Share them below.

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