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About Karen Miller, PT, DPT, CIMI

About Karen   Miller, PT, DPT, CIMI Karen Miller, PT, DPT, CIMI, is certified to teach infant massage by the World Institute of Nurturing Communication™ and is a practicing pediatric physical therapist with over 25 years of NICU, home, hospital, and early intervention settings. She is a certified early intervention professional and has a strong interest in promoting healthy development in infants and children.
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  • Blog Posts By: Karen Miller, PT, DPT, CIMI

    Infant getting a massage Posted By: Karen Miller, PT, DPT, CIMI
    Tuesday, March 21, 2017

    The Benefits of Infant Massage

    An end-of-the-day or bedtime routine that incorporates the loving touch of infant massage establishes personal, shared time that both of you look forward to. Read full post>>