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Close up of basketball player's legs and ball

NBA and USA Basketball Release Youth Participation Guidelines

Author: CHKD Sports Medicine
Published Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The National Basketball Association and USA Basketball have announced their first-ever youth basketball guidelines emphasizing maximum and recommended participation guidelines as well as weekly rest minimums.

Dr. Joel Brenner, medical director of CHKD’s Sports Medicine Program is one of seven health and wellness professionals who drafted the guidelines, which were released this week as part of Junior NBA Week.

Among the key components are the following:

  • Delay single-sport specialization in the sport of basketball until age 14 or older.
  • Limit high-density scheduling based on age-appropriate guidelines.
  • Ensure rest from organized basketball at least one day per week, extended time away from organized basketball each year, and adequate sleep each night.

For detailed suggested and maximum participation recommendations, rest guidelines, and the suggested player segmentation model, visit

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