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Close up of a child eating an apple

Our Favorite Healthy Snack Swaps

Author: CHKD Medical Group
Published Date: Thursday, September 01, 2016

By Dr. Kelly Wright, Pediatric Specialists

Help your kids make smarter snack decisions by swapping out less healthy foods with more nutritious substitutes. Try to find snacks that satisfy your kids craving, whether it is for something sweet, salty or crunchy.

• Banana ice cream. You can make your own banana ice cream by blending frozen bananas and a little milk. Banana ice cream has less fat and less sugar than ice cream you buy in the grocery store, but still tastes very sweet. You can even add protein by blending in a little peanut butter.

• Frozen grapes. If your kids love popsicles, give them a lower sugar, more nutritious frozen snack by simply freezing grapes. Frozen grapes are easier to eat, even on the go, and taste sweet and refreshing.

• Chips and salsa. Instead of potato chips and dip, children can eat whole-grain tortilla chips and a fresh, chunky salsa. This snack swap not only features a serving of vegetables, but helps your kids get more fiber.

• Dried fruits. For another crunchy snack swap, try dried banana or apple chips instead of potato chips. Just a handful is enough for kids and counts as a serving as fruit.

• Veggies and hummus. For another chip and dip replacement, give your kids celery, carrots and/or peppers with a small a couple tablespoons of low-fat hummus.

• Grab-and-go fruit. Put unhealthy foods in cabinets and leave fruit out in a bowl during the day. If kids want a snack fast, fruit will be the easiest choice.

Even these tiny swaps can add up to a healthier summer for the whole family.

What are your favorite healthy snacks for kids? Tell us in the comments.

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