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Golden Hour Car Road Trip. Scenic Countryside Road During Sunset.

Kids and Hot Cars: Prevent Heatstroke, Deaths

By Dr. Khanh Nguyen, Courthouse Pediatrics

As temperatures begin to rise, now’s a good time to remind parents that leaving a child alone in a car, even for a short time, can have tragic consequences. Dozens of children lose their lives this way each year in the U.S.

Help prevent hot car tragedies with these tips:

  • A sleeping baby or toddler won’t make any noise to remind the driver they are in the back seat. Get in the habit of always checking the back seat before leaving your car.
  • Leave something in the back seat, such as your purse or phone, so you have to access that area before getting out of the car.
  • Always lock unoccupied cars to prevent children from getting inside and possibly becoming trapped. Keep keys and remote openers out of reach of children.
  • Never leave a child alone in a car, not even for a minute. Use drive-up services for errands whenever possible.
  • Teach small children how to honk the horn if they become trapped in a car.
  • Set a policy with your childcare provider to call you immediately if your child does not show up as planned.
  • If you see a child alone in a vehicle, call 911 immediately. If they seem sick or hot, get them out as soon as possible.

Losing a child to vehicular heatstroke can happen to anyone. And, when the sun is shining, even if it’s a cool day, the inside of a car can heat up quickly.

Don't forget to look before you lock. Your child's life may depend on it.

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