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Schroth Method at CHKD

The Schroth Method: A Specialized Treatment for Scoliosis

By Beth Runzo, DPT, CHKD Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

What is the Schroth Method?

Schroth is a conservative method of treating scoliosis that uses a three dimensional method to correct imbalances in the trunk and spine. The exercises consist of rotational breathing techniques, pelvic corrections and stabilizing isometric contractions. These scoliosis-specific exercises are based on the individual’s curve pattern. The goal of the exercises is to halt the progression of abnormal spinal curvature and in the best case to reverse the curves.

What to expect during an evaluation:

Your therapist will perform various tests to determine your current postural position, level of function and fitness. You will be educated on the plan of care including the duration of expected physical therapy sessions.

What to expect during a treatment session:

The Schroth exercises are based on the curve pattern. They will help you become aware of proper posture positioning in your daily life. The therapist will guide you with tactile stimulus to increase breath into “collapsed” areas, activate muscles in the direction of correction and elongation for improved posture.

Who to contact:

To see an orthopedic physician about your child’s scoliosis call: (757) 668-PLAY(7529)

For questions about physical therapy treatment using the Schroth method contact Beth Runzo at or call (757) 668-2730. Beth is C1 certified in the Schroth method.

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