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Mom kissing baby's forehead

Help Boost Your Baby’s Immune System

By Dr. Kimberly Barker, PDC Pediatrics

Children are going to get sick from time-to-time, but there are ways to help strengthen your baby’s immune system from the start, so he won’t catch every cold and virus that comes his way.

Help boost your baby’s immune system with these tips:

Breastfeed – Breastfeeding helps build your child’s immunity right from the start. The mother’s immunity is actually transferred to the child during breastfeeding.

Vaccinate – All children should get the recommended vaccines to avoid catching potentially dangerous illnesses, such as measles, mumps, whooping cough and chicken pox.

Eat Healthy – Prepare well-balanced meals. A healthy diet provides nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help build a strong immune system.

Sleep – Make sure your child is getting enough sleep. The body loses its natural defense mechanisms and has a tougher time fighting off illness if a child isn’t well-rested.

Teach Good Hygiene – Teach children to wash their hands and cover their coughs. Fighting germs doesn’t necessarily boost the immune system, but it does reduce stress on a child’s immune system. Make sure children are washing their hands before and after each meal, after playing outside and after using the bathroom.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke – Exposure to secondhand smoke on a regular basis can weaken your child’s immunity.

Avoid Overusing Antibiotics – Don’t insist that your doctor prescribe antibiotics. When antibiotics are overused, bacteria may develop a resistance to them.

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