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To the New Year

I love a good goal-setting session. I am the person who enjoys creating resolutions and reflecting on what went well and where I want to go each new year. This has been adapted over time. Now I focus on a single word and create smaller steps that move toward that one focus. In 2020, my word was hospitality. The focus of hospitality was for my family. I wanted to create an environment that felt like an invitation to live life well.

I specifically wanted to be intentional about creating more moments around the dinner table and having a clutter-free home that was filled with warmth, love, good food, and fun. I had no idea when I chose that word how much time we would spend at home in 2020. It was within our home that we, as a family of five, faced all parts of our personalities, found creative ways of being, and together created a place of warmth and growth. It was certainly not without its own set of challenges.

Like many families, there was a change in our home dynamic. I began homeschooling our children, and my husband and I primarily worked from home. We continue to work from home, and maintaining clear boundaries between work and home life is still difficult. The tasks and demands of work and family often run together.

While decluttering throughout the past year was helpful for the function of our home, and more dinners at the table deepened our bonding, my husband and I were often exhausted managing all the demands. As many parents do, I left out a crucial part to my own idea of hospitality. I wasn’t being a good steward over myself and my own desire to live life well. As we move into 2021, stewardship is my word for the year. I desire to continue hospitality in my home while being a good steward of my time, talents, and resources.

For me, this looks like prioritizing sleep, taking care of my body, and creating a quiet space for my soul to rest. This calls on me to create boundaries with my children, which teaches them that Mommy is human with functioning limits and models selfcare. This shift also calls on me to maintain routines with realistic expectations that allow me enough energy to meet the needs for myself, family, and work responsibilities. I continue to learn that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Each day (in some way), I will commit to being a good steward over the gift of my own life, so that I may be able to pour into those who are entrusted to me.

How do you create space for yourself?

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About Jeane N. Liburd, MA, CCLS

About Jeane N. Liburd, MA, CCLS Jeané Liburd has worked in the field of child Iife since 2005. She earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and is trained in play therapy. She currently serves as an adjunct instructor for Liberty University. Throughout her career, she has provided services for children and families in various settings including hospitals, pediatric hospice, and community programs. The focus of her work is supporting children and families who have experienced illness, grief, and loss.