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CHKD is Virginia's only free-standing and independent pediatric hospital. Nursing practice occurs in:

  • General Care
  • Critical Care
  • Surgical Care
  • Emergency and Urgent Care
  • Outpatient and Ambulatory Care

We welcome nurses with all levels of skill, experience and knowledge to our family of talented employees. 

Orientation for the New Inpatient Nurse

All inpatient nurses at CHKD are provided with a one-on-one preceptored orientation. CHKD's unique orientation ensures that the new employee is given the appropriate tools and knowledge to excel in a career as a pediatric nurse.

CHKD's comprehensive new graduate inpatient nursing orientation is a 10-16 week program that provides nurses with the classroom and clinical experiences needed to get them started on a successful career in pediatric nursing.

Patient Care Services: Our Annual Report

CHKD's Clinical Advancement Program for Inpatient Nurses

Based on Benner’s “novice to expert” model and our CHKD professional practice model of relationship-based care, our Clinical Advancement Program (CAP) uniquely allows the nurse caregiver to grow and advance their career by demonstrating behaviors of excellence through the model’s six domains: leadership, care delivery, resources, outcomes, professional practice and team work.

With the guidance of a mentor, CAP applicants present their achievements in a portfolio for peer review, with the opportunity to receive a bonus for advancement to each new clinical level, as well as an annual reward for maintenance of their advancement.

CAP applications are reviewed twice annually, in November and May. Applicants must renew annually to maintain the status of their clinical level.

(757) 668-7128