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Children's Pavilion Opening Updates

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History in the Making

Less than three years after breaking ground for our new Children’s Pavilion, we are almost ready to welcome General Academic Pediatrics, CSG’s sports medicine division, radiology, and outpatient mental health therapy to their new home.

While this is certainly not the first time that CHKD has opened a new building or moved a department or practice, the opening of Children’s Pavilion will be a first for us in some truly significant ways. It reflects the historic expansion of our mission to encompass children’s mental as well as physical health. And in the fall, it will become home to the first inpatient beds our Health System has ever offered outside of 601 Children’s Lane.

Like all of our recent buildings and renovations, Children’s Pavilion has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of its patients, their families, and their caregivers. As we approach our first days in the new facility, we want to provide the information our CHKD team members need to make a smooth transition to their new place of work, and share valuable information on the new building with all staff members.

Please look for weekly communications from the Children’s Pavilion transition team to help us all meet this goal, and share this information with your team as appropriate.

Safety and Security - March 18 Update

Security First

Keeping our patients and staff safe and secure is one of the most important considerations for Children’s Pavilion. The security process will involve a combination of procedures, workflows, and access limitations requiring the vigilance and cooperation of all CHKD team members. Department and position-specific instructions will be provided as necessary. The facility will also have its own security team dedicated exclusively to the new building with offices on the first floor.

Jeffrey Czapla (8-6471) is the security operations manager for Children’s Pavilion. He’ll head up a team that covers the building 24/7 in three shifts.

Please keep the information below handy for any badge or security concerns.

Main Security Office: 668-5911
Open 24 hours daily

Security Supervisors: 668-5193
Dale Barnes – 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Matthew Lavalley – 2 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Thomas Foster – 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Building Access


We are eager to show every member of the CHKD family our new facility and all of the special features it includes to create an optimal environment for care, healing, collaboration, and research. A team from public relations, development, community outreach, and others are hard at work organizing events that will include tours for staff members.

For now, however, we are limiting access to the building to allow important readiness work to continue. Departments such as environmental services, that need early access to prepare the building for occupancy, will be allowed in the building first. Leaders of departments moving into the Pavilion will have access to the building soon after.

The building will be open for these designated employees Monday through Friday, from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., until the building opens for business. Staff members who need access to the building outside of these hours should contact security.

Employees should only access their work area and common area spaces as required by their position. Tours of the building are limited to those who have a business need in the building or as approved by department leadership. Personal tours are not allowed.

For access control issues, contact the security office.

For questions or concerns about security equipment in your area (access readers, cameras, intercoms, door release); please contact Jeffrey Czapla at 668-6471 for evaluation.

Parking Information

Staff members with a primary parking assignment at Children's Pavilion will park in the building’s attached garage. Anyone accessing the building at this time should park in the Children’s Pavilion garage. Employees will need their ID badge to access the garage once the gates are activated.

Please use the list below to determine where you should park:

  • Handicap Parking: all floors - located near the elevator
  • Patient/Visitor Parking: 2nd and 3rd floors
  • Physician Parking: 4th floor
  • Employee Parking: 5th floor and above

The loop in front of the building may be used for limited activities such as drop-off or pick-up, but the vehicle cannot be left unoccupied or out of the owner’s sight.

Meal Delivery

Staff members should pick up their food deliveries outside of the lobby. Please arrange for the driver to contact appropriate staff when they arrive.

Facilities Planning and Construction - March 23 Update

Key Dates to Remember

As we get closer to opening our new Children’s Pavilion, many Health System departments are working together to help everyone experience a seamless transition as they move into their new office space. We have developed a timeline of key dates, outlined below, that will ensure staff members are able to access the building and get settled before they welcome patients and their families to the new facility.

In this week’s newsletter, we are excited to share specific dates and instructions that will help organize the process of moving several departments into the new building. Much consideration has gone into developing this timeline with the understanding that many of the departments relocating will be seeing CHKD patients and families within a few days after moving.

Time to Pack

Please make sure your department is packed on time. Cardboard box delivery started last week and continues this week so staff members can begin packing. Plastic totes will be delivered on April 8. Although our movers do their best to protect every box and tote, we do recommend that you plan to move any personal items yourself. Personal items are often considered irreplaceable; they include things such as framed college degrees, pictures, and plants.

Office Preparation and Building Access

Many initiatives are underway to prepare each office space. Teams are diligently working to have telephone and computer systems up and running by mid-April. Furniture is also being installed during this time. While careful thought was given to the furniture supplied to each department, directors who have additional needs should email Jim Setliff, director of facility planning and construction, at

Key Dates:

April 1 – Outlook users will be able to book a conference room in the Children’s Pavilion for meetings that occur April 25 and thereafter.

April 11 – Department leadership will have access to the building.

April 12 – Telephone and computer systems will be up and running. For departments relocating their phones, their phones will be active in accordance with their move schedule.

April 13 – Keys will be distributed to all appropriate departments.

April 21 – Staff members should receive their new telephone numbers by this date or soon after. Furniture installation will be complete.

Moving Days

We have organized two dates for staff members to relocate their offices to the Children’s Pavilion. Please see the assigned dates below for your specific department.

April 18 – Moving date for staff members who work in the mental health offices currently located at CHKD Health Center South Campus (formerly known as NDC).

April 23 – Moving date for staff who work in outpatient mental health, General Academics Pediatrics, sports medicine, outpatient laboratory services, and radiology departments.

To help everyone find their way to their appropriate destination in the new building, we’ve designated specific elevators for CHKD staff. Elevators will be labeled for clarity.

  • Employees should use passenger elevators P1, P2, or P3.
  • Service elevators S1 and S2 are available for CHKD deliveries.
  • Service elevator S3 will be temporarily utilized by the contractor for construction.

Empty Boxes and Totes

Once you’ve unpacked your boxes and totes, it will be important to have these items removed from your office spaces before we welcome patients. Each floor will have a designated area where empty totes and boxes can be stored.

Please break down all boxes and label as trash. Store boxes in a location that's accessible for pick up.

All empty totes will be collected by May 2. 

Department Locations

The following diagram outlines the location of each department by floor in the Children's Pavilion.



* Click on the image above for a larger view.

Engineering and Supply Chain - March 30 Update

Engineering and Supply Chain: A Collaborative Effort

We are less than a month away from our first departments moving into the new Children’s Pavilion. Based on the many questions that arise during department relocations and openings, we are focusing this week’s Children’s Pavilion Newsletter Update on issues that pertain to engineering and supply chain. Please refer to this information as needed to ensure your office spaces have the correct equipment and supplies that are essential to your operations and ability to care for patients.


We are pleased to share that our supply chain leaders anticipate that all necessary equipment will be delivered in time for the building’s opening. If any unanticipated delays arise, purchasing will notify key stakeholders with up-to-date information. We will closely monitor such situations to determine whether operations could be affected or if the delay is not considered critical in nature.

In the event that equipment cannot be located for your department, please contact purchasing.


The supply chain team will begin working with individual departments to deliver supplies that have been requested and to stock the periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) locations. Departments will be responsible for stocking individual treatment areas and secondary supply locations outside of their supply closets. For departments that use oxygen, cylinders will be available in a storage room on the first floor.

Maintenance and Repair Requests

Please follow current hospital policy to submit any maintenance and repair requests by using the appropriate forms that can be accessed on KDnet. Use the “forms” link at the top of the KDnet homepage to find “engineering,”which links to the engineering work request form. Be sure to fill out the form completely, choosing Children’s Pavilion in the field that asks for the building’s name. Should staff have additional needs, please contact Children's Pavilion Engineering Manager, Chris Casab.

Signage and Space Modifications

While extensive planning and careful thought went into the design of each floor’s space, we understand that there may be unanticipated reasons to make modifications. CHKD team members are welcome to submit an engineering work request. All requests will be evaluated to determine if the requests are best completed by engineering or the facility, planning, and construction department.

If additional signs are needed, department leadership can submit an engineering work request.

Hanging Items on Walls

Please do not install or hang any other items on the walls at this time. During the equipment specification process, equipment that requires installation was identified. Any piece of equipment that requires installation will be installed prior to opening. After 60 days have passed, staff members are welcome to submit an engineering work request. 

Building Orientation, Tours, and Simulation Event - April 6 Update

Building Orientation, Tours, and Simulation Event

In less than three weeks, patient families will be entering the doors of our new Children’s Pavilion for the expert medical care they have come to expect from CHKD. Experience tells us that one of the best ways we can ensure everyone is prepared for this much-anticipated milestone is to help our staff become familiar with the building and their new work environment.

Therefore, all team members who will work in the building are required to complete building orientation and tours, which are outlined below. We have also organized a simulation training called Day in the Life. The purpose of this event is to identify and address any potential issues that patients and staff may encounter before the building’s opening later this month. Please make sure you complete all necessary training. For a summary of the training in this newsletter, please click here.

Orientation and Tours

Department Leadership

Department leadership will attend building orientation tours on April 13 and 14. Please check your calendars for specific details and information.

These tours will be led by the safety, security, and emergency management staff who will also submit sign-in sheets to human resources so attendance can be documented within the Healthstream Learning Center (HLC).

Each tour and orientation will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Safety features of the building.
  • Parking.
  • Elevator use.
  • Locations of each department within the building.

Department Staff

Department staff will be offered building orientation and tours by their respective department leadership between April 14 and 25. Please reach out to your department leadership for specific dates and times.

Department leaders should use the sign-in sheets linked below to take attendance and send those completed sign-in sheets to: Human resources will document the completion of building orientation in HLC for each employee.

Our goal is for all building orientation and tours to be completed by Monday, April 25, but no later than Monday, May 2.

Important Links and Forms

Simulation Event: A Day in the Life

On Tuesday, April 12, we will hold a simulation event to test the necessary processes in our new facility. This event will provide us the critical means to identify and resolve any issues related to our processes, equipment, facility, and technology.

During the simulation event, we will enact different scenarios using mock patients to test various hand-offs and to familiarize staff with new workflows and processes. Leaders from each area involved in the activity will share any information they learn with their individual teams to help everyone prepare for treating actual patients.

View the agenda and schedule for A Day in the Life here.

Opening Logistics - April 14 Update

Preparations to open Children’s Pavilion continue this week as department staff are poised to move into their new office spaces. With these imminent relocations in mind, this update focuses on answering key questions that many employees will have as they need to clock in, set up their personal computers, and organize meetings in the new building.

Technology Transitions

One of the best ways you can help ensure a seamless transition as it pertains to your personal computer is to back up your files, folders, and favorites before your department’s scheduled move. To assist you in this endeavor, please refer to these helpful instructions compiled by our information services team.

Should any problems arise at Children’s Pavilion, information services will have a command center operating from the building’s second floor conference room.

API Quick Badge

Employees who need to clock in at Children’s Pavilion can use the API Quick Badge stations located on each floor near the elevators.

You’ve Got Mail

The mailroom at Children’s Pavilion will operate exactly like the one at the main hospital. We will have post office-style boxes for each department and drop boxes for outbound mail.

Please note: mail pickup and delivery are self-service.

IS Command Center

Information services will operate a command center specific to IS services, supported applications, and hardware. This model is typically used to closely support go-live activity.

The IS Command Center will be available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 25 and 26 by calling (757) 668-9962. Outside of these hours, calls will forward to our service desk team. We may extend those dates if necessary.

Equipment Inspections and Refrigerators

Biomed inspections are currently underway in the new building. Each piece of equipment that has been inspected will be tagged.

Refrigerators have been delivered where needed. After Biomed has installed the refrigerator sensors, IS will activate them to enable Mobile View for temperature monitoring.

Environmental Services (EVS)

An integral part of our operations, environmental services staff have been assigned to ensure the building’s cleanliness. Trash will be picked up daily, similar to the current process in place at other CHKDHS facilities.

  • Cleaning will occur during second shift.
  • Sharps containers will be picked up by EVS. The containers should be placed in each department’s designated utility room for soiled items.
  • Linens will be delivered to each outpatient area as needed.

You may contact the EVS department at Children’s Pavilion for pest control or other environmental services-related issues. Call (757) 668-5914.


Shred-it bins have been distributed as planned throughout Children’s Pavilion.

Conference Room Set Up

The conference room tables and chairs are arranged into two configurations: standard classroom or meeting room style. While you are welcome to adjust the configuration so that it fits your meeting needs, please remember that it is your responsibility to return all tables, chairs, and room dividers to their original placement.

If you need audiovisual support, use the AV pager to request help.

Children’s Pavilion Cafe

The cafe in Children’s Pavilion will be open from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The menu will mirror that of the cafe at the main hospital.

Employees receive a discount at the cafe. Online ordering coming soon.

Final Update - April 21 Update

A Message of Gratitude

As we welcome our CHKD patients and staff to Children’s Pavilion this week, it is important for us to recognize the incredible collaboration and planning that has taken place over the past few years to bring our health system to this historic milestone.

From our exceptional department leaders to their phenomenal teams, we want to thank everyone who has contributed to this project’s success for their tireless efforts to open this facility. Without your commitment, this expansion of our care would not have been possible.

In this week’s newsletter, we’re providing a link to frequently asked questions. The FAQ sheet includes a variety of information from the previous newsletters. Please refer to the sheet for important contact phone numbers, parking information, and to locate departments by floor.

Let's Have Lunch

For those who are participating in department moves this weekend, please stop by the cafe at 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday for complimentary lunch.

COVID-19 Policies

Please note that the COVID-19 policies for Children’s Pavilion mirror those in place at our main hospital. Therefore, all staff, visitors, and patients over the age of 2 must wear a mask inside the new building.

Employees should follow the most current COVID-19 policies for the hospital when using break rooms and conference room areas.

Safety Considerations

Staff who are moving and unpacking should review CHKDHS policy LS-05 to ensure that proper storage guidelines are followed. Items that could block or impede egress during a fire or other emergency cannot be stored or left unattended in the corridors.

As employees get settled, make sure to also review CHKDHS policy SAF-16, which outlines the safe use of electrical items. Non-clinical and personal electrical devices must be UL rated (radios, fans, etc.) and approved for use. Personal electrical items such as space heaters and toaster ovens are not allowed.

Policies can be found in MCN, which is accessible through KDnet.

Stay Connected

Although there will not be a specific email group for the building, please continue to use existing email groups such as group management council and group directors to facilitate communication.

Video Tour of The Children's Pavilion

Children's Pavilion
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