Research Articles

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Below is a list of recent research articles published in peer-reviewed journals by CHKD-affiliated pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, pediatric nurses, and other clinicians, sometimes in collaboration with resident physicians and researchers affiliated with Eastern Virginia Medical School, CHKD’s academic partner.  

Children’s Health System is committed to the highest ethical and legal standards in the practice of medicine and research. To safeguard the objectivity of our research activities, CHS has a conflict of interest policy in accordance with federal guidelines. This policy is in place to ensure that the design, conduct and reporting of research funded under Public Health Service grants, agreements and contracts is free from bias that may result from an investigator’s financial conflict of interest. 

May 2019

Family Diabetes Camp: Fostering Resiliency Among Campers and Parents. Eddie L. Hill, Kent Reifschneider, Ron Ramsing, Melissa Turnage and Jennifer Goff. Diabetes Spectrum 2019 May; 32 (2): 86-92. 

Propofol Versus Dexmedetomidine for Procedural Sedation in a Pediatric Population. Nicole M. Schacherer, MD, Tamara Armstrong, MD, Amy M. Perkins, MS, Michael P. Poirier, MD, and James M. Schmidt, MD. Southern Medical Journal. Volume 112, Number 9, May 2019.

March 2019

Chmielewski J, Khalsa DD, Carmody JB. Hyperosmolality, high blood pressure, and decreased estimated glomerular iltration rate in U.S. adolescents, NHANES 1999-2012. Nephron 2019 Mar; 19: 1-11.

February 2019

Joshua Erickson, MD, Samantha Schrier Vergano, MD, The Hypothermic Newborn. NeoReviews 2019;20;e93.

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