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Refer to Sports Medicine

(757) 668-7850

Our team specializes in athletic, exercise, musculoskeletal and sports related injuries or pain. Our focus is on preventing injury, improving performance and enhancing overall health in patients beginning at 6 years of age, but patients under the age of 6 can also be treated with physician approval.

How can I refer my patient to CHKD's sports medicine practice?

  • Urgent consultations (providers) call Doctors Direct at (757) 668-9999
  • Non-urgent referrals (providers) call (757) 668-7850
  • Faxes (providers) can be sent to (757) 668-7885
  • Scheduling (families) can be made by calling (757) 668-7850

When will my patient be able to obtain an appointment?

Same-day appointments are available, but this could vary depending on location.

What work-up is needed prior to the first appointment?

Please provide any X-ray, MRI, CT, or bone scan images done on the affected area that are not accessible through CHKD's Electronic Health Record (images and reports on a disc are preferred). If the patient is being referred for a concussion, please provide any relevant documentation from their primary care and emergency room visits. If the patient had a baseline or post-injury ImPACT performed, we need to know, but will obtain the results ourselves. This information can be faxed to (757) 668-7885. 

Where will my patient be seen?

Sports medicine offices are located at CHKD (Norfolk), Loehmann's Plaza (Virginia Beach), Oakbrooke (Chesapeake), Tech Center (Newport News), and Landstown (Virginia Beach).

Our Locations
(757) 668-7850