KD Store

KDStore Survey

1) Are you currently employed by CHKDHS?
2) How did you learn about KDStore?

If you answered "Other", please specify.
3) Please choose one of the following to describe your most recent activity on KDStore.
If you answered "Purchase Specific Item", please indicate the item below and whether it was available or unavailable.

4) Have you ever purchased an item from KDStore?
If you answered no, please explain below your reason for not making a purchase.
5) What types of items would you likely purchase from KDStore?

If you answered "Other", please specify.
6) Please rate the following statements according to your level of agreement.
KDStore was easy to navigate.

KDStore is visually appealing.
If you disagreed or strongly disagreed with any of the above statements, please tell us why.
7) Please rate yourself for the following statement. My level of experience with the Internet is...

8) How frequently do you use the Internet to shop for and purchase items?

If you answered never, please select from the list below the primary reason for your answer.

9) What adaptive technologies and/or assistive features are you using to access our web site?

10) How do you connect to the Internet?