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"CHKD offers a unique and fun atmosphere. I was drawn to its caring staff with a passion for healing children."

Lyndsey Clements, PNP

(757) 668-9247

College: Oakland University

Graduate school: Wayne State University


A native of Michigan, Clements spent nearly eight years working and training in Detroit.

Her experience includes pediatric emergency medicine, trauma, and critical care. After graduating with a pediatric acute care nurse practitioner degree in 2013, she elected to venture out and explore new opportunities and ended up at CHKD. 

As an up-front provider at CHKD, your child may see Clements for several different reasons. Her office is conveniently located in the emergency medicine waiting room. If your child has a chronic medical condition such as sickle cell disease, asthma, cancer, migraines, or diabetes, Clements will assess and initiate protocol orders for your child so their treatment can begin promptly.

She may also see your child if they need x-rays or pain medication. She also examines and treats minor care patients through her office, which allows for shorter wait times and quicker discharge home.

Clinical Interest
  • Emergency medicine
(757) 668-9247