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Brianna Murray, certified genetics counselor

"I love working at CHKD with such a great team. There is so much focus on the patient and on the family, and we are all always going out of our way to optimize experiences in an often less-than-ideal or otherwise stressful situation. Many families never expect to land in our clinic, and I love being able to help give them a positive experience and the tools and skills they need to keep moving forward."

Brianna Murray, CGC

(757) 668-9723

College: Brigham Young University

Graduate school: University of Utah


Murray is a board-certified genetic counselor working with families to facilitate and lessen the stresses of the diagnostic odyssey. She assists in advising of the nature and consequences of genetic disorders, likelihood of inheriting or passing on genetic traits and conditions, and options for management and family planning.

She also handles all aspects of genetic testing, including consents, education, and results. She helps families with additional resources they may need based on diagnoses and potential challenges that arise.

Her interest in genetics has a personal component and was furthered by her interest in research and medicine. Previous academic work in laboratories and psychosocial work outside of school furthered her interest in the field. Genetic counseling allows her to stay current in all aspects of genetics while focusing on the whole individual.

(757) 668-9723