Amanda Soroka, certified pediatric nurse practitioner

"I work for a wonderful team of caring surgeons, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants that have the same commitment and passion to patients and their families as I do."

Amanda Soroka, CPNP-PC

(757) 668-7703

College: George Mason

Graduate school: University of Virginia


Soroka has been with CHKD since high school, starting out as a volunteer in the Child Life department.

As a rising senior in college, she partook in CHKD's nurse externship program and fell in love with pediatric nursing. She became a registered nurse at CHKD and worked on unit 7C.

In 2013, Soroka joined the Pediatric Surgery and Trauma Team as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and collaborates closely with all of the subspecialties within the CHKD organization.

Soroka works each day with this in mind:

"These are tiny humans. These are children. They believe in magic, they play pretend, there is fairy dust in their IV bags and they cross their fingers and they make wishes and that makes them more resilient than adults. They recover faster, survive worse. They believe. In Peds, we have miracles and magic and in Peds, anything is possible." -- Grey's Anatomy, 2010

  • Hampton Road Chapter, National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners