Healthy You for Life Graduate

Healthy You for Life_Daniel Jimenez-ApolonioA year ago, Daniel Jimenez-Apolonio would get winded easily when he was playing outside with friends. He felt tired a lot. He ate a lot of junk food and didn’t think much about whether a food was healthy for him or not.

At 5-foot-3 inches, he weighed 196 pounds.

His pediatrician told him about the Healthy You for Life program.

The 14-year-old Newport News boy started last June, and has since lost 23 pounds.

“They teach you to eat healthy and how to make better choices. I drink more water and I get more exercise,” he said.

The first items to go by the wayside were chips and soda and candy. “Now I eat more fruits and vegetables,” Daniel said.

He’s also joined a soccer team.

“I wake up feeling more energetic,” Daniel said. “I don’t feel tired when I run anymore.”