Why It's So Sensitive

Baby skin is special, and it requires special care. Here’s what you should know about your baby’s skin through the first year.

It’s very prone to rashes

  • About 30 to 40 percent of babies are born with milia, white or yellow dots that appear on their face
  • About one-fifth of newborns will break out with baby acne

It’s very thin

  • Babies get cold or hot easily
  • Always dress babies warmer than you would dress yourself to keep their body insulated
  • Their skin will begin to get thicker after about a year

It doesn’t need to be washed too often

  • Over-bathing can cause a baby’s delicate skin to dry out, making them more susceptible to rashes and infections
  • Always use fragrance-free, dye-free lotion
  • Less is more when applying lotions/ointments to a baby’s skin

It burns very easily

  • A newborn’s skin is a work in progress – including its melanin, the pigment that helps absorb the sun’s rays
  • Take care to avoid extended sun exposure, especially on hot days

Your CHKD doctor will give you lots of advice on taking care of your baby, skin and all. Call (757) 668-7500 to learn more.