The following tips can help you and your baby stay calmer:

  1. Remember, it is normal for babies to cry.
  2. Babies can't understand how their crying affects others.
  3. You won't "spoil" your baby if you try to comfort her every time she cries.
  4. First, see if she is wet, hungry, or just needs a blanket.
  5. Try putting her down in her crib and see if she settles down after a few minutes.
  6. Then, try holding her, rocking, walking, or singing a lullaby.
  7. If nothing seems to console your baby, call your pediatrician.
  8. Your baby may have colic. Colic is upsetting to parents, but it is not dangerous for the child.
  9. If you ever feel like you might hit or shake your baby, put the baby down in the crib and walk into another room. It's OK to let a baby cry for a few minutes while you pull yourself together.
  10. Always let babysitters know you're OK with this too.