Regular check-ups help your doctor monitor your child's condition and ensure it is not getting worse. If your child’s scoliosis is more severe, experts with the CHKD Scoliosis Program offer comprehensive treatment options for surgical and nonsurgical treatment of scoliosis.

Depending on your child’s condition, a back brace may correct scoliosis. Your child will also undergo physical therapy and exercises to help build strength and improve posture. For severe scoliosis, our experienced orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons work together to straighten the spine during surgery. At CHKD, every aspect of scoliosis care is specially designed to meet the needs of children and teens.  

Any of the following signs may be early indicators of scoliosis:

  • One shoulder blade appears more prominent
  • One shoulder is higher than the other
  • The head is not directly centered over the pelvis
  • The ribcage appears uneven
  • Your child's body leans noticeably to one side
  • One hip appears more prominent  

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