Knee Injury

Knee and ACL Injuries

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Knee injuries in children, teens and young adults require specialized treatment from physicians and physical therapists who understand how to heal growing bodies. CHKD has a wealth of experience in treating children, teens and young adults with knee injuries, including ACL tears, meniscus tears and more.

What is an ACL tear? The anterior cruciate ligament -- or ACL -- is of the four main ligaments in the knee. It provides stability for the knee joint, particularly when cutting, pivoting and jumping while playing sports like soccer, football, volleyball and basketball. It is a common injury in young athletes, especially young women.

Symptoms of an ACL tear or other knee injury include:

  • Your child is experiencing knee pain or swelling.
  • Your child heard a pop when the injury occurred, meaning it could be a tear of a ligament or cartilage.
  • Your child can’t put weight on it 48 hours after the injury occurred.
  • The knee feels unstable, like it might buckle when you put weight on it.
  • The joint looks obviously misshapen, like a bone could be broken.

Our team of pediatric orthopedic surgeons offers a wide range of knee surgeries, including minimally invasive knee arthroscopy, ACL repair and meniscus repair. After surgery, your child will work with physical therapists who will design therapy plans that are customized to fit your child, taking into account their age, fitness level and what sports they play.

If knee surgery isn't required, our sports medicine experts and physical therapists can help teen athletes safely return to competition and teach them ways to prevent future injuries.

Find a CHKD sports medicine specialist or surgeon to help your child or call (757) 668-7529 (PLAY) for an appointment.

(757) 668-7529 (PLAY)

ACL Injuries: An Explanation