Shoulder injuries are common in activities that involve overhead motion, such as baseball, swimming, tennis or volleyball. Because they are still growing, children and teens, especially athletes, require more specialized care than adults. CHKD has the region’s only sports medicine program staffed entirely by pediatric providers and dedicated solely to young athletes.

If your child needs physical therapy, CHKD’s sports medicine physical therapists will create a personalized plan for your child, based on your child’s physical maturity, fitness level and favorite sports.

Symptoms of a shoulder injury include:

  • Your child experiences shoulder pain.
  • Your child heard a pop when the injury occurred, meaning it could be a tear of a ligament or cartilage.
  • Your child can’t fully move their shoulder in all directions.
  • Your child cannot lift objects.
  • Your child’s shoulder locks, pops or grinds.

Children experiencing any of these shoulder injury symptoms should see a doctor.

Find a CHKD sports medicine specialist or surgeon to help your child or call (757) 668-7529 (PLAY) for an appointment.