Make Rest and Smart Scheduling as Important as Shots and Rebounds

The NBA and USA Basketball have teamed up to enhance the way kids, parents and coaches experience the game. Here are some tips to ensure your player develops the right skills, stays healthy and has fun:

  • Avoid over scheduling. Overuse injuries and burnout are too common in youth basketball.
  • Resist pressure to begin high-intensity training at a young age.
  • Participate in a variety of sports. Delay single-sport basketball focus until age 14 or older.
  • Take at least one day off from basketball each week, with extended breaks every year.
  • Prevent basketball-specific neuromuscular injury through expert medical evaluation.
  • Be sure parents and coaches are up-to-date on the latest in sport readiness and injury prevention.
  • If you see signs of basketball burnout or overuse injury, contact your child’s doctor.

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